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Core Beliefs

At Tony Pondel, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, P.C., our core beliefs are the driving factors behind our commitment to help our clients work toward financial independence. Our mission is simple: help our clients visualize their goals and achieve them.

An advisor should take emotion out of the equation.

We believe that a person’s behavior is the greatest factor in determining long-term investment results. Study after study has shown that emotional decisions can cause the average investor to significantly underperform the returns of an investment. By understanding the psychology behind these emotional decisions, we help our clients see beyond their gut reactions to make sound investment choices.

It’s often an income problem, not a principal problem.

One major question lingering in the minds of all retirees is: “Will I run out of money?” Retirees are often unaware that they have an income problem, not a principal problem. Every year, everything they wish to buy costs more. We are here to guide and advise our clients to make sure their money lasts, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to helping them secure a legacy for their loved ones.

An advisor’s job is not to outperform the market.

No advisor can, with any consistency or precision, forecast the markets or economy. What an advisor can do is coach clients on their financial behavior and keep them on track toward their financial goals. Outperformance is not a financial goal, but an income you will not outlive is – and that’s a goal with which we can help.